Monday, 26 March 2007

Totally Embarrassed

Totally Embarrassed

A few days ago I went to purchase some computer Hardware in Wynberg, Cape Town and experienced a situation that was totally embarrassing for a young lady and possibly got her into some very hot water.

The shop I went to is situated on the upper floor of Maynard Mall in Wynberg called Vefa and they specialize in computer hardware.

I don’t believe it is unethical for me to mention the name of the shop as it reflects nothing bad about the shop.

When I got there, there was a Muslim young Lady dressed in a traditional Muslim robe all in black with some gold trimming, she was really looking nice. She was standing away from the counter actually smoking a cigarette. Behind me was an elderly man who could easily have been between 55 to 60 years old. Well her smoking very quickly caught his attention and the ensuing conversation went like this. "Why are you smoking in the shop? would you allow me to smoke here as well?" she replied "No" he then said "Then why are you smoking in the shop?" she replied very sarcastically "Because I'm prepared to pay the fine". The old man left it at that and left the shop.

Just as she was handing me the Computer Tower Case I was purchasing, the old man returned with the Security Guards of the mall and pointed her out to them and said he was not happy that she had been smoking in the shop and everyone present could bear witness to this and he now demanded that they take the necessary action and report it to the local police. What a sight to see the shock and embarrassment on the young lady's face. This is where I had to leave because I had another appointment.

As I stood there though and watched this whole “drama” unfold, nobody knew that I was actually standing there and "smoking" too. I was enjoying my "smoke" without bothering anyone.

You see that's the beauty of SNUS. It is invisible and once in your mouth (snug beneath your upper lip) you really are enjoying the satisfaction of a smoke without anyone around you aware that you are "smoking".

I don't break any laws and do not open myself to any lawsuit and do not endanger anybody's life.

I wonder what happened after I had left. Was the young lady charged and did she have to appear and also pay a fine. I can’t wait to go back there sometime soon to find out. I will keep you posted.   

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Knocked Out

Believe it or not, accept it or not but this is fact. Smoking damages your lungs and eventualy will affect your health in such a way that it wont be possible for you to enjoy a simple game at the beach such as this Volley Ball game. You will be knocked out of the game.

This is another reason I use Snus and not cigarretes. With Snus you are not drawing smoke, tar and nicotine into your lungs.

Yet I still get all the satisfaction of a cigarette. Above picture Fishhoek Beach, Cape Town South Africa

Wednesday, 28 February 2007


I am always amazed how some smokers can for lengthy periods have a lit cigarette dangling from their lips. This has been one of the worst irritations I faced while smoking. With that cigarette hanging from my lips the smoke would always find its way into my eyes and nostrils and often caused me to squint as my eyes would burn and become all teary. I guess their must be some knack in the way you hold it between your lips to stop this. I never learnt how to avoid this. And I never will because I no longer smoke cigarettes anyway.

A friend introduced me to an alternative which is smokeless, out of sight and can be used anywhere at any time even while flying and doesn't bother anyone. This product called SNUS has been around for centuries and I must have been living in the dark ages because believe me I just didn't know about it.

Well now I am able to watch rugby or cricket at newlands in Cape Town, South Africa, where I live, and still enjoy a "smoke" using SNUS. Our country’s Anti Smoking laws is not an issue with me. I still get the necessary satisfaction I used to get without having to light up. And yes no smoke in my eyes or up my nostrils.

Ronald introduced me to Snus (pronounced "snoosh") and this did it for me. I particularly enjoy the mint flavour. Oh before I forget this stuff is not chewed, sucked or sniffed up your nose, its just a tiny little "pouch" which is invisibly and comfortably placed under your upper lip with no discomfort at all.

As an ex cigarette smoker (approximately 30 a day) this works for me. Any other users or potential users out there? Let me know of any other products of this company you have tried. I must admit I have only used the SNUS.

Thursday, 15 February 2007


In Cape Town, South Africa we have a major drug problem. This is especially so in the age group 14 - 45 this is not exclusively so as there are other ages younger and older as well. The issue is that the ripple effects impacting our communities such as crime and unemployment, the drop in family values, the degeneration of our youth, the tearing apart of families and the HIV / AIDS pandemic needs a solution. What do we expect of /from government (Health, Social, Anti Crime departments etc.) and the private sector. What would be the best solution around Relapse and Prevention. Being an ordinary lay person concerned about the future my question is, what do we all do?

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